Who is the G Team?

The G Team is a team of licensed real estate agents and assistants with more than 50 years combined real estate experience. Jackie Gaither and Kevin Gaines founded the G Team in 2012 with the goal in mind to be the most knowledgeable and trustworthy realty team in Wilson County and all of middle Tennessee. At the time they owned approximately 8 rental properties together and separately. They used the processes stated throughout this website to ensure they had a good investment experience. While assisting clients with purchasing investment properties, they soon came to discover that many of these owners struggled with marketing their property, finding good tenants, collecting rent, maintaining their investment’s value, and tenant turnover. Since the G Team had very little of these issues on their own properties, they decided to offer a property management service to these investors and thus G Team Property Management was created.

Since 2012, the G Team has grown from their own 8 personal properties in Lebanon to over 200 properties managed throughout 7 middle Tennessee counties. We have one of the largest and fastest growing property management companies in Middle Tennessee. We pride ourselves on maintaining the value of each property owner’s investment and doing so at the greatest rate of return for the owner.

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